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About Us

Our Story

JungleMonk is out to bring nature’s simple pleasure to Urban living. Connect to greens in the world of concrete high rise monotonous stressed out world.

Creating Happy Gardens

We create natural retreats you could turn to connect back to nature and refresh your weary mind

Experience, engage and nurture your green retreat with easy to access, guided gardens


Who We Are?

City population is chasing its endless materialistic pursuit, one after the other? Slaved to our boxed existence with our gadgets in an AC room, we have forgotten what it feels to be REAL HAPPY.  Millions of years in evolution have ingrained our happiness in coexisting with Nature but we are far removed from it in our hight rise concrete structures. Urban life is becoming highly monotonous, stressful and sometimes depressing. JungleMonk is a project to bring nature back to our lives. We bring your high rise living a natural retreat to slow down and connect with nature.

We’re JungleMonk, We bring natural retreat to your home!

Condominiums don’t enjoy regular garden features. There is harsh sun, wind, no earth and very limited space. These are no reasons to let you not enjoy blessings of nature. With JungleMonk, we help create gardens suited to your liking and apartment conditions. A nature’s nook to rejuvenate you all year long.

Meet Our Team


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